Operator Licence Awareness Training – OLAT

This 1 day training course, written by our in house qualified transport experts will provide you with an overview of operator licence procedures and requirements. It is perfectly positioned to assist  candidates, by providing an overall understanding of operator licence requirements and enabling you to assist you with management of your vehicle operation.

Operator License Awareness Training

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at people involved with their transport operation including directors and senior managers responsible for vehicle compliance and managing of the operator licence.

Qualified transport managers will benefit by updating their knowledge to most recent standards enforced by the authorities. Restricted Operator licence holders without an official transport manager should attend to ensure that they are not putting their licence at risk by failing in basic areas of compliance.

Our qualified transport staff have been involved in the industry for over 30 years combined, including time working with enforcement authorities such as DVSA, and as such, can provide you with a great insight into the industry and what traffic commissioners expect of transport personnel.

If you or any of your staff would like to attend then please get in touch