OPTL/ATL Practical Training

We offer MOT testers practical training that allows them to test on a one-person test lane as well as on an automatic test lane.

Our team will make sure that you get all the training you need to stay compliant when it comes to OPTL and ATL.

If you have any questions about OPTL/ATL practical training then feel free to call our team today.

Car on facility - OPTL/ATL Practical Training

How do I register?

If you’d like to apply for our OPTL/ATL practical training then fill out the form and register today.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the course. Our refresher course only takes half a day but some of our other courses take 3-5 days to complete.

If you want to keep your licence as an MOT tester then you must:

  • Complete three hours of training each year
  • Keep a record of your training
  • Take an annual assessment
  • Record your result on the MOT testing service
Our tester training courses are a mixture of workshop and classroom based learning and assessment. You will train in our modern and fully equipped academy where we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and relaxed learning environment.